VIII-Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Vote Machine Waste Told" - William Currie - Chicago Tribune

Byline: William Currie; 1972-10-04; The Chicago Tribune; pages 1, 16

Report: Vote Fraud investigation - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"The Chicago Board of Elections Commissioners has been ignoring simple money-saving bidding procedures to award favored companies millions of dollars worth of contracts for storing and moving its voting machines and materials, the Tribune has learned.  Since Stanley T. Kausper Jr. became chairman of the board in 1969, Cook County, which pays for moving city machines during general elections, and the city have appropriated $4 million to pay eight Chicago movers for storing and moving the machines and materials. . ."

Description:Part of the Tribune's Task Force Report on vote fraud in Chicago's Board of Election Commissioners. This piece reports on the storage and moving of voting machines and materials which, as the Tribune reports, were entrusted to favored companies instead of competitively bid upon. The companies were paid well above standard rates for their services.

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Chicago Tribune article titled, "Vote Machine Waste Told." Written by William Currie as part of the Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation.