Follow-up: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "2 Precinct Bosses Take 5th In Probe" - George Bliss and William Currie - Chicago Tribune

Byline: George Bliss, William Currie; 1972-10-06; The Chicago Tribune; pages 1

Report: Vote Fraud investigation - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"Two Democratic precinct captains who recruited other Democrats to work illegally as Republican election judges in the March 21 primary yesterday refused to answer questions of an Illinois House elections subcommittee.  The two precinct bosses and an election judge who served illegally as a Republican each invoked their rights to refuse to answe questions at least 20 times. . ."

Description:Supplemental to the Task Force series on vote fraud in Chicago, this piece reports on the Illinois House elections subcommittee's investigation into the fraud.

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 Chicago Tribune article titled, "2 Precinct Bosses Take 5th In Probe." Written by George Bliss and William Currie as a follow-up to the Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation.