Reaction: Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "FBI Probes Terror in West Side Politics" - William Currie - Chicago Tribune

Byline: William Currie; 1972-10-14; The Chicago Tribune; pages 1, 10

Report: Vote Fraud investigation - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"Political Terrorism in Chicago's West Side wards is under investigation by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents on orders from United States Department of Justice officials in Washington.  The federal agents are probing reports of continuing physical threats to members of a West Side voters' rights group in their efforts to assure an honest election on Nov. 7. . ."

Description:The FBI investigates Chicago's West Side vote fraud after a Tribune task force report on the city's vote fraud.

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Chicago Tribune article titled, "FBI Probes Terror in West Side Politics." Written by William Currie as part of the reaction to the Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation.