X-Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Vote Canvass Fails; Ghosts Haunt Rolls" - George Bliss and William Currie - Chicago Tribune

Byline: George Bliss, William Currie; 1972-10-30; The Chicago Tribune; pages 2

Report: Vote Fraud investigation - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"Despite an official door-to-door canvass by the Chicago Board of Election Commission-ers, the Tribune has uncovered large numbers of ineligible voters still registered to vote on Nov. 7.  Addresses of empty lots, parking areas, and abandoned buildings are being used. . ."

Description:Although the Tribune's investigation into vote fraud produced a federal grand jury investigation, the Tribune finds that many ineligible voters are still registered to vote in the then upcoming election.

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Chicago Tribune article titled, "Vote Canvass Fails; Ghosts Haunt Rolls." Written by George Bliss and William Currie as part of the Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation.