"NPR video stings ethics too" - James Rainey - Los Angeles Times

Secret recordings like the ones that took down NPR's Ron Schiller and embarrassed Republican Gov. Scott Walker signal a disturbing move away from transparency in news gathering.

Byline: James Rainey; 2011-03-11; Los Angeles Times; 

Report: Undercover Journalism Debated

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Here come the blockbuster news alerts. First: Governor of Wisconsin ready to demonize unions by planting protests with anti-labor thugs. And then this: Top NPR executive cozies up to nefarious Muslims, loathes real, God-fearing Americans.Talk about big news! Talk about changing the conversation! Talk about … a load of hooey, brought to you by your friendly purveyors of ambush "journalism," secret recordings and ham acting designed to draw out the worst in others.

Description:Rainey frames the O'Keefe undercover reports as a cautionary tale, and an indication of a sea change in journalistic transparency.

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