"The NPR Body Count" – Jack Shafer – Slate

Will the last body dragged out the radio network's front door please turn off the lights?

Byline: Jack Shafer; 2011-03-10; Slate; 

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"They're stacking former NPR executives like cord wood on 7th Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW outside the radio network. Yesterday they carted out NPR CEO Vivian Schiller. The day before, Ronald J. Schiller, NPR's chief fundraiser, got the curb treatment. His resting place was previously occupied by Ellen Weiss, the senior vice president for news—essentially NPR's editor-in-chief—who got the shove from Vivian Schiller in January. None of these key executives had been at their jobs long. Ron Schiller arrived in October 2009. Vivian Schiller became CEO in January 2009, after the NPR board sent the gut wagon to collect Ken Stern, who had only been CEO since October 2006. . ."

Description:Shafer looks at the aftermath of the undercover O'Keefe video with an NPR development executive.

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