"Does Raw Video of NPR Expose Reveal Questionable Editing & Tactics?" - Scott Baker - The Blaze

Byline: Scott Baker; 2011-03-10; The Blaze; 

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"On Wednesday, The Blaze posted a lengthy report looking at the ethics of undercover journalism.  The comments on the post show a lively debate and wide-ranging views on what is considered ethical and acceptable in pursuit of a scoop. Plenty of readers felt the new NPR exposé justified any ethical misgivings involved in producing it. Others felt that those seeking truths should hold to higher standards. When undercover video like the NPR story first surfaces, we often look to see if there is raw video of the material used to produce the report as a basis for evaluating the accuracy of the representations made. And we decided to do that in this case. . ."

Description:An analysis of the claims made by the NPR undercover report.

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