"Planned Parenthood - Cleaner Race by 'Helping' Blacks" - Lila Rose, James O'Keefe - UCLA Campus Buzz

Hannity's America features a segment on The Advocate's 7-state investigation into Planned Parenthood's dirty money--employees accept donations from racists to abort Black Babies. Planned Parenthood has been targeting minorities since it was founded by elitist Margaret Sanger, who wanted to use abortion to control and limit minorities...And with almost 80% of Planned Parenthood clinics in minority neighborhoods, with African American women almost 4 times more likely than whites to abort, Planned Parenthood's founder's vision is lived out today...By killing over 1400 Black babies a day, Planned Parenthood and abortion affiliates are accomplishing what the KKK could only dream about...Don't excuse this kind of killing. Demand that the Federal Gov. cut the $300 million a year in tax money that it gives Planned Parenthood.The Advocate is an independent student magazine at UCLA. Go to Laadvocate.com for the full story.

Description:Sean Hannity features Rose and O'Keefe's phone calls to Planned Parenthood clinics. Posing as potential donors who want to give money specifically for minority abortions, the recorded phone conversations attempt to accuse the organization of supporting genocide.

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