III-"The Woman That Toils" - Bessie van Vorst - Everybody's Magazine

"Being the Experiences of Two Gentlewomen as Factory Girls"

Byline: Bessie (Mrs. John) van Vorst; 1902-11-01; Everybody's Magazine; pages 413-425

Report: "The Woman Who Toils" - Bessie and Marie van Vorst - Everybody's

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"... it is evident that, in order to render practical aid to this class, we must live among them, discover and adopt their point of view, put ourselves in their surroundings, assume their burdens, unite with them in their daily efforts. In this way alone, and not by forcing upon them a preconceived ideal, can we do them real good, can we help them to find a moral, spiritual, aesthetic standard suited to their condition of life. Such an undertaking is impossible for most people. Sure of its utility, inspired by its practical importance, I determined to make the sacrifice it entailed, and to learn by experience and observation what these could teach. ... "

Description:Bessie van Vorst working undercover in a knitting mill at Perry, New York for a five-part series in Everybody's about the lives of factory girls.

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November 1902 Everybody's Magazine cover featuring, "The Woman That Toils," by Bessie van Vorst.