V-"The Woman That Toils" - Bessie van Vorst's - Everybody's Magazine

"Experiences of a Literary Woman as a Working Girl"

Byline: Bessie (Mrs. John) van Vorst, Marie van Vorst; 1903-01-01; Everybody's Magazine; pages 3-17

Report: "The Woman Who Toils" - Bessie and Marie van Vorst - Everybody's

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"On arriving in Chicago I addressed myself to the ladies of Hull House, asking for a tenement family who would take a factory girl to board. ... Before the hour was up, I had found a clean room in one street, and board in another. This was inconvenient, but safe, and comparatively healthy ..."

Description:Final part of the series by the sisters-in-law van Vorst investigating how women of the other half live and work.

Rights: Public domain.

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Everybody's Magazine article titled, "The Woman That Toils." Written by sisters-in-law Bessie van Vorst and Marie van Vorst as part of an investigative series.