Mirage Reaction: "First Firing in Probe of Chicago Corruption" - Chicago Sun-Times

Byline: Michael Flannery, Pamela Zekman; 1978-01-30; Chicago Sun Times; pages p?

Report: "The Mirage" - Pamela Zekman, Zay N. Smith - Chicago Sun Times

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"The unidentified man was the first to lose his job as a result of an investigation by the newly created Office of Professional Review. "The anti-corruption agency was formed by Bilandic Jan. 12 in response to Sun-Times and Better Government Assn. disclosures of misconduct by city workers at the Mirage . . ."

Description:A city tree-trimmer is fired for allegedly offering to sell logs he had cut on the job.

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Chicago Sun-Times article titled, "First Firing in Probe of Chicago Corruption." Written by Michael Flannery and Pamela Zekman as part of the Mirage Reaction.