"Mission Accomplished, the Mirage Fades" - Mirage - Chicago Sun-Times

Byline: Pamela Zekman, Zay N. Smith; 1978-02-05; Chicago Sun Times; pages p. 7

Report: "The Mirage" - Pamela Zekman, Zay N. Smith - Chicago Sun Times

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"It was time for the Mirage to disappear. "The last night came fittingly, on Halloween weekend, when everybody pretends to be somebody else. The Mirage threw a party as its way of saying goodby to the neighborhood. "The neighborhood didn't know it was goodby. All it knew was that the Mirage would be 'closed for renovations.' A new owner would open the place again in a few weeks . . . It had been four months since the Mirage had appeared -- time enough to catch the city in the act of being itself. And time enough, too, for a few close calls. It is that way with any masquerade."

Description:A recap of the Mirage Tavern sting method, experience, the series, and the impact it had during the month it was being reeled out.

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Chicago Sun-Times article titled, "Mission Accomplished, the Mirage Fades." Written by Pamela Zekman and Zay N. Smith as part of their Mirage Editorial.