"In the Magdalen Home" - Nellie Bly - New York World

Nellie Bly's Visit to an Institution for Unfortunate Women; A Wicked Girl's Chances for Reformation โ€” How Poor Creatures Abuse a Noble Charity-Matron Burr's Experiences โ€” The Girl Who Befriended an Unlucky Cat โ€” The Toboggan Slide of Sin

Byline: Nellie Bly; 1888-02-12; New York World; 

Report: Nellie Bly and Other Stunt Girls (and Boys) of the Late 1880s-Early 1900s


"Dressed to suit the character I wished to represent, I went late one evening to East Eighty-eighth street. I saw an old-fashioned building surrounded by a high brick wall, and I knew without looking for the number that it was the institution I wanted...."


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Nellie Bly's article titled "In the Magdalen's Home."