"Skin Deep; Reliving 'Black Like Me': My Own Journey into the Heart of Race-Conscious America" - Joshua Solomon - Washington Post

"In February I left my parents' house to move in with my brother in Baltimore, not wanting to have to explain my change of complexion to the neighbors. I began taking six Psorien pills a day. After four sessions at a tanning salon, my face was badly swollen and my body ached. A week or so later, my brother, Jon, and I drove home to Silver Spring for dinner. The change in my skin color must have been dramatic. My 9-year-old sister screwed her face into a horrible grimaced the first time she saw me. 'You're ugly!' she cried. I wanted o smack her but realized she was not really talking about me. . . . "

Description:Joshua Solomon attempts to recreate the experiences of John Howard Griffin's Black Like Me some 34 years later for a piece in the Washington Post.

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