II-"Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Child-Murder Practiced as One of the Fine Arts in Chicago: How the Midwives Look Upon Abortion and with What Ease They Can Be Hired to Perform It; Several of the Well-Known Madames Consent to Commit Brutal Crimes for Small Pay; Physicians Called in to Assist When Necessary -- One of Them Named by a Midwife; The Preliminary Story Gives Indication of What May Be Expected to Follow

Byline: Unsigned; 1888-12-13; Chicago Daily Times; pages 1, 2

Report: "Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

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"...She appeared to be under 40 and was intelligent and disposed to be very cautious until the reporter made known his mission in a straightforward, pathetic manner. he came to secure a place where a young lady relative must be saved from the disgrace that would fall upon her and a proud, happy family if she were permitted to become a mother. She could not remain in the city till nature made her a mother in due time and give birth to the child in the usual way. Nature must be assisted by one of the numerous methods scientific people like the madame know so well. . . . "


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