XVII-"Infanticide: The Remedy" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

"Dr. N.S. Davis Thinks Doctors Should Be Licensed Only After Three Years' Study; Then the State Board Should Debar from Practice Those Convicted of Abortion; Dr. I.N. Danforth Commends the Measures Advocated by Dr. Belfield as Remedial Means; Taking a Humane View of it Dr. H.T. Byford Thinks a Lying-In Hospital Ought to Be Founded; An Institution Modeled After the Great Hospital at Vienna Dr. Zelater Thinks the Best Plan; The Great Responsibility of Inconsiderate Husbands from a Women's Point of View; Female Solicitors of Abortion Cases Employed by a Number of City Physicians"

Byline: Unsigned; 1888-12-28; Chicago Daily Times; pages 1, 8

Report: "Infanticide" - Unsigned - Chicago Daily Times

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"There should be incorporated in the law a clause making it imperative on the state board to revoke the license of any physician convicted on the charge of committing abortion or planning or consenting to do the same."


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