"A Month in the Workhouse" - W. P. H. - New York World

A "World" Reporter's Experience on Blackwells's Island - He Simulates Drunkenness and Is Sent Up for Thirty Days - Loathsome Condition of the Sleeping Cells - How the Bakery Gang Makes Sickening Bread - No Baths Allowed and Everybody is Unclean

Byline: W. P. H.; 1888-06-10; New York World; pages 22

Report: Journalistic Acts of Race, Class, Ethnic and Gender Impersonation


"For a man who has never experienced what it is to be cribbed, cabined and confined, it is no light matter to be subjected to the machine-like direction of those who appear to be selected for the discharge of their duties principally because of their stolid indifference to all the claims and instincts of humanity."


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Article of unknown newspaper titled: A month in the Workhouse