"Undercover Reporting: The Myth of Ethical Deception" - Ashley Csanady - The Elements of "PIRC" WIki

Exploring the Qualms with Undercover Reporting. Can Lies Reveal Truth?"

Byline: Ashley Csanady; Friday, December 24, 2010; WIKI Home The Elements of PIRC; 

Report: Undercover Journalism Debated


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". . . But just as police operations are limited by society’s distaste for entrapment, so too is a journalist’s ability to deceive hindered by circumstance. Public trust in the media to report the truth cannot be maintained if journalists fail to tell the truth as they report (Kovach and Rosenstiel, 2007, p.97); however, it wasn’t until I tried my hand at a deception-based story that I understood undercover was no exception to the rule. . . . "

Description:A young Canadian reporter's essay with links to a number of journal articles on the subject of undercover reporting ethics.

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