"Bill Clinton: Purdum a 'Sleazy' 'Slimy' 'Scumbag'" - Mayhill Fowler - Off the Bus on the Huffington Post

Byline: Mayhill Fowler; 2008-06-02; Off the Bus on the Huffington Post; 

Report: Undercover in U.S. Political Campaigns

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"Former President Bill Clinton today unleashed a salty stream of epithets to describe former New York Times reporter and current Vanity Fair writer Todd Purdum, calling him "sleazy," "dishonest," "slimy" and a "scumbag."The former president made the comment at a local campaign event after I asked him if Purdum's much-commented upon Vanity Fair story was weighing on his mind. Tightly gripping this reporter's hand and refusing to let go, Clinton heatedly denounced the writer, who is currently married to former Clinton White House Press Secretary, Dee Dee Myers. . ."

Description:Mayhill Fowler asked Bill Clinton how he felt about Todd Purdum's "Comeback Id" article for Vanity Fair and he responded by revealing how he really felt. Fowler did not identify she was a reporter.

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