"The Odd Amalgam: John L. Spivak's 1932 Photographs, Undercover Reporting, and Fiction in 'Georgia Nigger'" - Ronald E. Ostman and Berkley Hudson

Byline: Ronald E. Ostman, Berkley Hudson; 2006-06-20; Visual Communication Quarterly; 

Report: Legal and Scholarly Analysis and Commentary

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"Lincoln Steffens, who generally is cited as the first muckraking journalist, called John L. Spivak 'the best of us.' Spivak, among many progressive and muckraking writers of America's early 20th century who might have competed for the honor, was labeled by some of his contemporaries as 'the best reporter...in the whole United STates at the present moment,' 'America's greatest newspaper man,' 'one of the alertest reporters alive,' and 'greatest reporter since Lincoln Steffens' . . ."

Description:In-depth look into John L. Spivak's history.

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In-depth look into John L. Spivak's history.