IV-"Five Cents a Day; A Man's Life" - Charles H. Garrett - New York Evening World

Mr. Garrett's 4th Chapter on His Hard Experience in New York Living; He Does His Own Laundry; News from Papers Picked Up in the Parks -- Wisdom Gained from Accidents -- What He'll Tell To-Morrow"

Byline: Charles H. Garrett; 1898-07-21; New York Evening World; pages 7

Report: Living Poor - Charles Garrett and Catherine King - New York World

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". . . I was getting to the end of my small stock of cash and was beginning to wonder where the next money was coming from when my troubles were added to by an accident. To many people it would have seemed most trivial, but in the condition of my finances, it was a serious one. . . . "

Description:Fourth chapter in Charles Garrett's tell of living on a nickel a day, not as a newspaper pose but because he really was out of money and couldn't find work.

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The Evening World regards the story as a remarkable disclosure of the inner life of this great metropolis, and presents it for its singularly interesting information in that direction. It is terrible and convincing argument against cheap living in any of its stages, and has a moral value for that reason which will be readily appreciated."