"Long, Hard Days - at Pennies an Hour" - Dinah Lee and Rose Brady - Business Week

Chinese Teenagers Are Toiling in the Foreign-Owned Sweatshops of the Special Economic Zones

Byline: Dinah Lee, Rose Brady; 1988-10-31; Business Week; pages 46-47

Report: Other People's Work

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"Recently her hours grew even more oppressive: To meet the holiday demand for Ghostbutsers, Big Hauler trains, and Mickey Mouse dolls, the girls at the Kader plan were ordered to put in one or two 24-hours shifts, with only two meal breaks, each month. . . ."

Description:This piece is provided for comparison purposes. Then Business Week editor Steve Shepard pressed the reporter to find another way -- not going undercover as an employee -- to get inside information about the sweatshops producing foreign goods in China. "And," said Shepard, "she did."

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This piece is provided for comparison purposes.