"Wired Tests Writer With a Series of Bold Challenges" - Nicholas Thompson - Wired

Byline: Nicholas Thompson; 2009-11-20; Wired; 

Report: Vanishing in the Digital Age: Finding Evan Ratliff - Wired

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" . . . Nicholas Thompson, Ratliff’s editor, and Lone Shark Games’ Mike Selinker came up with the challenges, and then Selinker figured out an amazing way to add even more detail and intrigue. He called up Will Shortz of The New York Times and received early versions of the coming week’s crossword puzzles. He then figured out how to write out the challenges by jumping between words in the puzzle. Wired published a long string of numbers, so searchers would have to solve the puzzle in order to decode the challenge. . . ."

Description:From Wired: "With a week remaining in the hunt, Wired decided to up the stakes. Evan Ratliff was set to win $3,000 if he lasted a month on the lam — plus $400 for each of five challenges he would have to complete day by day. . . "

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