I-B - Miracle Merchants: "Relentless Campaigns of Hollow Promises" - Lisa Anderson - Chicago Tribune

Charity's Probe Finds Sponsors Funded at Least 24 Dead Children

". . .But a yearlong Tribune inquiry into four of the leading child sponsorship organizations--Save the Children Federation Inc., Childreach, Children International and the Christian Children's Fund--found this promise of an affordable miracle to be achingly hollow. Sponsored youngsters often received few or no benefits, and in the worst cases children had been dead for years while unwitting donors continued to sponsor them.The Tribune found that the notion of individual child sponsorship exists primarily as a marketing myth. Costly, time-consuming and hampered by the logistical difficulties posed by some of the poorest and most remote places on Earth, child sponsorship succeeds far better as a fundraising engine than it does as a vehicle for providing benefits to the children whose faces sustain it. . ."

Description:Lisa Anderson reveals more myths about child sponsorship organizations.

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Lisa Anderson reveals more myths about child sponsorship organizations.