"'But I'm One of the Good Guys!'" - Monica Bhogal - The Guardian (UK)

When Reporters Go Undercover, it is Often They Who End Up in Trouble with the Police Instead of the People They are trying to Expose.

Byline: Monica Bhogal; 2003-08-24; The Guardian; 

Report: Undercover Journalism Debated


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". . .The practice of undercover reporting is widely used by journalists and is regarded in most instances as a valid method of exposing individuals and organisations for their involvement in activities that may range from the criminal to the morally reprehensible to the laughable. But the legal implications for undercover reporters are also wide-ranging. Reporters face the risk that, in seeking to expose crime or iniquity, they themselves become embroiled in the behaviour that they were seeking to reprimand. . ."

Description:Undercover reporting is a high risk job; Monica Bhogal tells why.

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