"Syria Crisis: Aleppo's Deadly Aerial Warfare" - Paul Wood - BBC News (Syria)

The Syrian air force jet roared over, making people crane their necks and flinch at the same time.

Byline: Paul Wood; 2012-09-17; BBC News; 

Report: Conflict Situations and Closed Societies

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". . .A small dot - a bomb - detached from the plane as it disappeared over the buildings on the horizon.We counted to five before it hit, a deafening explosion that rattled the windows. A large black cloud billowed up, blotting out the sky at the end of the road. It was noisy chaos when we got there. A crowd of dozens quickly became a couple of hundred as men ran in from side streets to help. A white pick-up truck was enveloped in flames. A circle of scorched earth, 30-40m across, radiated out from it. Weeds on the edge of the blackened concrete were still burning too. . ."

Description:While undercover, Paul Wood witnesses an airstrike in Aleppo, Syria's biggest city, that is facing serious problems within the area controlled by rebels.

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Document about Aleppo's deadly aerial welfare