"Denver Undercover Investigation: Dentists With a Dark Side" - Heidi Hemmat - Fox 31 Denver

Byline: Heidi Hemmat; 2012-11-08; Fox News; 

Report: Hospitals and Clinics Undercover

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". . .We went under cover with hidden cameras and found practicing dentists who previously had their license suspended or revoked.Dentists including Larry Haws. According to Colorado dental board records, Haws issued “over 130 prescriptions” for powerful pain killers to himself. He pleaded guilty to drug possession and was asked by the state to surrender his license in 2002. In an effort to get his license back, Haws agreed to random drug testing. But then he tested positive for Benzodiazepines, another powerful tranquilizer. . ."

Description:Fox31's investigative team went undercover to expose dentists who have previously had their licenses revoked or suspended, who have put their patients at risk using dirty needles, abusing substances and prescribing fraudulent drugs.

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Document on a dentist from Denver that allegedly reused dirty needles on thousands of patients