"Undercover Reporter 'Haunted' by Abuse of Patients" - Joe Casey - BBC Panorama

Joe Casey spent five weeks filming undercover in a private care hospital on the outskirts of Bristol after getting a job as a support worker. He was shocked by what he witnessed.

Byline: Joe Casey; 2011-05-31; BBC News; 

Report: Hospitals and Clinics Undercover

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On a near-daily basis, I watched as some of the very people entrusted with the care of society's most vulnerable targeted patients - often, it seemed, for their own amusement. They are scenes of torment that are not easily forgotten.The targets had no way of defending themselves or speaking out. Anyone who questioned the abuse met a wall of silence.

Description:Undercover reporter Joe Casey recorded the mistreatment and abuse that Winterbourne View care hospital employees inflicted on patients.

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