"Tribune Woman Runs Gantlet of Ellis Island" - Genevieve Forbes Herrick - Chicago Daily Tribune

Tribune Woman Runs Gantlet of Ellis Island: Finds Terrible Trials For Immigrants

Byline: Genevieve Forbes Herrick; 1921-10-13; Chicago Daily Tribune; pages 1

Report: U.S. Immigration and Ellis Island Series - Genevieve Forbes Herrick - Chicago Tribune

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From emigrant to immigrant. The transition is more fundamental than a change in spelling. Less than three weeks ago I, a "greenhorn" Irish girl, dressed in a homemade blue suit, a bow of green ribbon in the buttonhole, a green felt hat and heavy Irish clogs, leaned out of a third class carriage at Wexford, County Wexford, Ireland, and waved good-by to the group of friends who wished me good luck in America, the promised land, whither I was going to get a "job with my girl friend."

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