"Biggest Hurdle For Emigrants Is Series of ?'s" - Genevieve Forbes Herrick - Chicago Daily Tribune

"Biggest Hurdle For Emigrants is Series of ?'s: Get as Many Labels as a Steamer Trunk"

Byline: Genevieve Forbes Herrick; 1921-10-17; Chicago Daily Tribune; pages 1

Report: U.S. Immigration and Ellis Island Series - Genevieve Forbes Herrick - Chicago Tribune Undercover Immigration Reporting

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A rolling stone may gather almost no moss; but it certainly accumulates the maximum amount of official papers and documents, all marked "important." By the time I reach the office of the American consulate at Dublin, anticipation had ceased to hold any charm. Each new office entered means a new stipulation hurled at me, until the whole world, officially, seems to be saying, 'I dare you to get out of this country.'"

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