"Few Comforts For Emigrants On Steamship" - Genevieve Forbes Herrick - Chicago Daily Tribune

'Few Comforts For Emigrants On Steamship: Cramped Quarters Add to Voyage Hardships"

Byline: Genevieve Forbes Herrick; 1921-10-19; Chicago Daily Tribune; pages 5

Report: U.S. Immigration and Ellis Island Series - Genevieve Forbes Herrick - Chicago Tribune Undercover Immigration Reporting

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We hate them as we love them, our fellow passengers in the steerage, which is the first indication that 'they' over whom first cabin travelers sentimentalize, has become the 'we' of our own circle. I, with five other girls from Queenstown, spend a sleeplessly sleepy night in a stuffy cabin with almost no ventilation. Up at 6:30, we hurry to breakfast, for we are at the first sitting. This is due, in part, to the difference in food for the Jewish groups, who compromise much of the continental delegation, in part to the protest made by the English speaking passengers for preference.

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