"Small Joy For Immigrants at Liberty's Gate" - Genevieve Forbes Herrick - Chicago Daily Tribune

'Small Joy For Immigrants At Liberty's Gate: Tears of Humiliation Blur First View of U.S.'

Byline: Genevieve Forbes Herrick; 1921-10-21; Chicago Daily Tribune; pages 4

Report: U.S. Immigration and Ellis Island Series - Genevieve Forbes Herrick - Chicago Tribune Undercover Immigration Reporting

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'of course they've got to have rules, but why can't they treat us as if we were decent when they enforce them?' asks a little English girl, between sobs, as she puts on her clothes after inspection at quarantine early Monday morning. Compelled from infancy to obey laws and to observe rules, we even some of the most rebellious or stupid of us, have left our native countries believing in the necessity of strictly enforced regulations. But when we see, at the threshold of our new home, petty officials using a bit of gold braid, a uniform, or a subordinate title as a means of insulting women, shaming girls, frightening children, and infuriating men, we cease to reason and begin to argue emotionally, often hysterically.

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