'Ellis Island Wrong Place To Show Kindness' - Genevieve Forbes Herrick - Chicago Daily Tribune

Ellis Island Wrong Place To Show Kindness: Causes Irish Immigrant to Be Thrown Out

Byline: Genevieve Forbes Herrick; 1921-10-25; Chicago Daily Tribune; pages 5

Report: U.S. Immigration and Ellis Island Series - Genevieve Forbes Herrick - Chicago Tribune Undercover Immigration Reporting

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"'And What's more, we don't need you to butt into our affairs,' is the way the chief inspector shows his approval of my humble and in the beginning, quite unargumentative efforts to help the five girls who have ben forbidden to telephone or telegraph relatives waiting for them while they are held at Ellis Island. The authorities will not release them until their relatives come to claim them; their relatives won't come until the girls notify them; the officials forbid the immigrants to communicate with the outside world. It seems an endless circle. I intimate as much to the inspector."

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