"Deception - Honest Tool of Reporting?" - David Shaw - Los Angeles Times

Byline: David Shaw; 1979-09-20; Los Angeles Times; pages OC1

Report: Los Angeles Times

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A reporter for the Detroit News poses as a Michigan congressman to prove how lax security is at a treaty-signing ceremony on the White House lawn.A reporter for the Los Angeles Times poses as a graduate student in psychology working in a state mental hospital to expose conditions there.A reporter for the Wall Street Journal works three weeks on an assembly line in a large plant to investigate charges that the company routinely violates labor practicesAre these unethical activities? ...

Description:An article exploring whether or not deception (i.e. lying about one's identity) is an ethical practice for a journalist.

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Los Angeles Times article titled, "Deception - Honest Tool of Reporting?" Written by David Shaw.