VIII-"Undercover Teacher" - George N. Allen - New York World Telegram and Sun

Slow Pupils Cheated by Our Schools

Byline: George N. Allen; 1958-11-21; New York World-Telegram and Sun; pages 1

Report: "Undercover Teacher" - George N. Allen - New York World Telegram & Sun

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I got the surprise of my teaching life one morning in early October.I walked into the classroom of another teacher at JHS 210 to see how he was teaching hygiene to a group of "adjustment" pupils - neither of the groups I taught. By this time, I was aware of the learning limitation of my own "adjustment" (slow-learning) students. And I was curious to see how other teachers were handling the other ones.

Description:In the eighth installment of George Allen's "Undercover Teacher" series for New York World-Telegram and Sun, he writes about observing a fellow teacher at John Marshall Junior High School teach a hygiene class, despite not understanding much of the material that he was to teach his pupils.

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New York World Telegram and Sun article titled, "Slow Pupils Cheated by Our Schools.'" Written by George N. Allen as part of his "Undercover Teacher" series.