"For 'babies who've died' - his mission" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

Byline: Pamela Zekman, Pamela Warrick; 1978-11-28; Chicago Sun Times; pages 7

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To his foes, he's a bearded, steely eyed zealot. To his followers, he is the champion of innocents, a demigod of mercy. Joseph M. Scheidler. Age 51. Father of six. Notre Dame University graduate. One-time journalist. Full-time pro-lifer.

Description:As an addendum to their "Abortion Profiteers" series, the Sun-Times profile pro-life activist Joseph M. Scheidler.

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Chicago Sun-Times article titled, "For 'Babies Who've Died' - His Mission." Written by Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick as an addendum to the "Abortion Profiteers" series.