VIII-Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Illinois' Absurd Election Code" - Pamela Zekman - Chicago Tribune

A Patchwork Quilt

Byline: Pamela Zekman; 1972-09-18; The Chicago Tribune; pages 22

Report: Vote Fraud investigation - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"The Illinois election code is a patchwork quilt of absurdities and contradictions that make honest elections practically impossible. State legislators stitched the code together over the last 30 years, inserting, deleting, and overlooking needed provisions with wild abandon. The law has become sphinxlike, challenging those authorized to administer it and to enforce it to unravel its riddles. . ." 

Description:Task Force reporter Pamela Zekman delves into Illinois' election code, unpacking its most contradicting and impossible statutes and inefficiencies.

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Chicago Tribune article titled, "Illonois' Absurd Election Code." Written by Pamela Zekman as part of the Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation.