"I Was an Obama Volunteer" - Mike Newall - Philadelphia City Paper

Byline: Mike Newall; 2008-04-16; Philadelphia City Paper; 

Report: Undercover in U.S. Political Campaigns

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". . .I also wanted an up-close-in-action glimpse of this idea of 'empowered democracy,' the supposedly self-transformational precept pumping through the bloodlines of Obama's candidacy. (Remember, he's not just asking you to believe in his ability to bring about change, he's asking you to believe in yours.) The candidate has promised that his is a truly bottom-up campaign driven by the creative energies of volunteers rather than Washington wags. I wanted to see how Philadelphians handled their newfound empowerment. . ."

Description:Philadelphia City Paper reporter, Mike Newall, went undercover as a volunteer for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.

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