"Face to Face with the World's Most Repressive Regime" - David McNeill - The Independent (UK)

Special Report: David McNeill, travelling undercover, infiltrates an illegal market in Pyongyang before falling foul of North Korea's authorities

Byline: David McNeill; 2010-09-27; The Independent (UK); 

Report: Conflict Situations and Closed Societies

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 " . . . But off the wide, main boulevards, stories abound of poverty and malnutrition following a botched currency revaluation last year. Food prices, which rose 10-fold after the revaluation, have reportedly fallen back to about twice their old level, bringing enormous hardship to an already crippled economy."

Description:McNeill arrived in North Korea "disguised as an ordinary tourist," claiming to be in the country for the Pyongyang International Film Festival, but fell into trouble.

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