"Undercover 'Journalism' in the DPRK" - Tad Farrell - North Korea News

Byline: Tad Farrell; 2012-10-19; North Korea News; 

Report: Conflict Situations and Closed Societies Undercover in North Korea

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"As most people are aware, Western journalists are not typically welcome in North Korea. The case of Euna Lee and Laura Ling last year was a good example of what can happen to those too eager for an NK scoop.  But that didn’t stop David McNeill of London’s ‘The Independent’ travelling to the DPRK just two weeks ago, ostensibly as a tourist attending the Pyongyang International Film Festival, but most likely there to try and cover the impeding Party Congress, initially rumoured to be starting around the same time.  He wasn’t the first reporter to enter the country on a tourist visa, and he won’t be the last.   But one thing is for sure, his front page story is a classic example of the hyperbolic and sensationalist approach to North Korea reporting that is standard in mainstream media -  a standard where fact-checking and normally rigid editorial standards go right out of the window."

Description:Tad Farrell's follow-up reaction to David McNeill's front page story of The Independent "Face to Face With the World's Most Repressive Regime."

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