"Mads Brügger, 'The Ambassador' Director, Takes Exploitation to a Whole New Level" - Michael Hogan - Huffington Post

Byline: Michael Hogan; 2012-08-29; Huffington Post; 

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". . .Using some hidden cameras but relying mostly on an in-plain-sight Canon 7D, he surreptitiously filmed his interactions with the many scoundrels eager to fleece him -- from shady brokers of diplomatic credentials to the "assistant" who counsels him to make a disastrous business deal. And he indulged in some exploitation of his own, hiring a village of Pygmies to staff up a matchstick factory that, to their eventual disappointment, would never be built. (Every shady diplomat needs a cover story, after all.) But what bothers critics the most, perhaps, is Brügger's habit of prancing around in a preposterous colonial getup, making offensive remarks and generally playing the part of the amoral white chancer to the hilt. . ."

Description:Michael Hogan interviews Mads Brügger about his documentary "The Ambassador" where he poses as a blood-diamond mining "kingpin" to expose how easy it is to smuggle gems out of a country.

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