"LSE anger at BBC Panorama over North Korea trip" - BBC News

The London School of Economics (LSE) and its students' union have demanded the BBC withdraw Monday's Panorama programme about North Korea.

". . .'For us, this is a matter of student welfare - students were lied to, they weren't able to give their consent.'She said all LSE's future research was 'now at risk'. 'I think the trip was organised by the BBC as potentially a ruse for them to get into North Korea and that's disgraceful. They've used students essentially as a human shield in this situation.' . . ."

Description:London School of Economics students who were escorted to North Korea with BBC's undercover reporter, Tom Sweeney, are now saying that they were unaware that Sweeney was a reporter. The students say Sweeney put them in danger while being in North Korea and want the Panorama episode to put taken off air.

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