V-"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

Nurse to aide: 'Fake that pulse!'

Byline: Pamela Zekman, Pamela Warrick; 1978-11-16; Chicago Sun Times; pages 1

Report: "The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman, Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times

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We were hired off the street as aides, medical assistants and counselors. Without checking our references or credentials, four of Chicago's abortion clinics gave us jobs we were unqualified to hold and tasks we were untrained to perform. The clinics asked us to do everything but perform abortions. They wanted us to remove IVs, administer injections, give psychological counseling and assist in surgery.

Description:In the fifth article in the "Abortion Profiteers" series, Sun-Times reporters and Better Government Association members worked as aides at Chicago-area abortion clinics and discovered that measurements like temperature, pulse and blood-pressure were, more often than not, fabricated and recorded in patients' charts.

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Chicago Sun-Times article titled, "Nurse to Aide: 'Fake That Pulse!'" Written by Pamela Zekman and Pamela Warrick as part of their "Abortion Profiteers" series.