I-Von Solbrig Task Force: "Filth and neglect bared at von Solbrig Hospital" - Unsigned - Chicago Tribune

Task Force Report

"It is a critical period for a 6-year-old girl lying in an anesthetized sleep on the operating table in von Solbrig Memorial Hospital. Only minutes ago she had undergone two operations, a tonsillectomy and surgical repair of a hernia. But the only other person in the operating room is a $2-an-hour janitor, in his unsanitary working clothes, who has just put down his mop in the corridor outside and rushed in to watch over the young patient at the request of a nurse. . ."

Description:From the editor's note: "Chicago's only for-profit general hospital, von Solbrig Memorial, is one doctor's personal fiefdom where financial shortcuts go hand in hand with unsafe and unsound medical practices. Filth, dangerous understaffing and violations of city and state regulations uncovered there are detailed in this, the first of a series, by Task Force Director Pamela Zekman, and reporters Jay Branegan, William Crawford and William Gaines."

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Chicago Tribune article titled, "Filth and neglect bared at von Solbrig Hospital." Written by an Unsigned author for the Von Solbrig Task Force Report.