II-Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation: "Election Board Infiltrated by Tribune's reporter" - William Mullen - Chicago Tribune

Byline: William Mullen; 1972-09-10; The Chicago Tribune; pages 1

Report: Vote Fraud investigation - Task Force - Chicago Tribune

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"Kusper does not want an outsider to see how his Democratic staff is handling this machinery. He doesn't want anybody to see how many thousands of nonexistent voters are registered in his files - nonexistent voters who comes from nowhere on election days to ring up Democratic votes and victories."

Description:Written in the first person, Task Force reporter William Mullen describes how he infiltrated the office of Stanley Kusper, the commissioner of the Board of Election, and uncovered evidence of large scale election fraud.

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Chicago Tribune article titled, "Election Board Infiltrated by Tribune's Reporter." Written by William Mullen as part of the Task Force Vote Fraud Investigation.