"MP Patrick Mercer quits Tory whip Over Panorama lobbying inquiry" - Unsigned - BBC News

". . .A clip of Mr Mercer being filmed undercover has been released by Panorama. It shows the MP meeting with an undercover reporter, who was posing as a representative of the fake company.Mr Mercer can be heard saying: "I do not charge a great deal of money for these things. I would normally come out at £500 per half day, so £1,000 a day." The undercover reporter replies: "Ok fine." Panorama said it had paid Mr Mercer £4,000 for working two days a month at a rate of £2,000 per month, but that the money had yet to be declared to the parliamentary authorities. . ."

Description:BBC Panorama set up secret filming of Newark MP Patrick Mercer signing a contract with a fake lobbying company accepting £4,000 to lobby for business interests in Fiji.

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Document titled MP Patrick Mercer quits Tory whip over Panorama lobbying inquiry